Timber Bones – Travelling Song

One hot summer under the shade of a Queenslander indie-rock 5-piece Timber Bones jammed out their first song together. “Travelling Song” was written in celebration of one of Australia’s newest pass-times- “the festival romance.” A side effect of excessive cider consumption and inadequate sun safety the festival romance is a whirlwind of summer dresses, white smoke and young love. The third single from Timber Bones “Travelling Song” is best enjoyed in the company of strangers with inhibitions left back home with your day job.

Timber Bones leave on their maiden bus voyage after a month’s work under the very same Queenslander. Planning an East-coast tour for the coming summer, Timber Bones whole journey will be documented in a web-series to appear on their website. Listen to ‘Travelling Song’ by Timber Bones here;


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