Live Review: Art of Sleeping + The Jensens + Ivey

Going into this concert, I was pretty excited. This was going to be my first time seeing Art of Sleeping, despite being a fellow Brisbane-ite and having multiple opportunities to do so, I guess I’d just never really gotten around to it. Perhaps it was the killer line-up of support acts that finally convinced me to make the effort to drive on into the valley, walk down to Ann St and head upstairs at Woolly Mammoth to enjoy a night of live music. I was not disappointed.

As I walked in to the Mane stage, the evening’s first support act, Gold Coast indie-pop quartet Ivey were about halfway through their set. I’d interviewed the band’s guitarist & vocalist Lachie just the day before (which you can listen to here), so I was super keen to see them live in the flesh, and was hoping that they would kill it. That they did.
I walked in just as they started to play the song that gained them a lot of attention in triple j’s unearthed high competition this year – titled ‘Cascade’. I was delighted at how similar their live performance sounded to the professionally done recording.
With the band ranging from ages 15-19, Ivey smoothly delivered a well-executed set with the confidence, poise and stage presence that makes it hard to believe that this was one of the band’s first Brisbane big-venue shows. They warmed the crowd and received much praise after their set, if you’d like to see more of this awesome Gold Coast outfit; they’re playing tonight to support The Belligerents at The Foundry.

Next up to grace the Mammoth’s Mane stage was Brisbane favourite up-and-comers, The Jensens. I’ve been following these lads for a while now, and have said it before and will say it again – KEEP YOUR EYE OUT FOR THE JENSENS. They’re honestly one of the best indie rock/pop outfits that Brisbane has to offer at the moment, and I truly do believe that 2016 is going to be a huge breakthrough year for them.

The Jensens took to the stage confident as hell. The way they carried themselves on stage could have fooled you into thinking that they were in fact the headliners.
They kicked off their set with the most recently released ‘A New Hope’, and powered through known songs such as Sick Sad World, Fears and Shark Thunder, as well as introducing us to some new, unreleased songs. Many of which included an unexpected synth-electronic- Art vs. Science type of vibe, including their finale song, which I have since ~exclusively~ discovered is titled Elvis is Dead, and is more than likely going to be the next single to be released (probably around late January – early February 2016). It was absolutely electric, having most everybody in the room jumping along.

Accompanied by an evident bromance between the group (particularly between bassist Bodi and guitarist/vocalist Nathan), some majorly funky dance moves provided by other main vocalist Joe, and a simply loveable larrikin vibe, The Jensens delivered an upbeat, positive and truly awesome set that would convert anyone into a fan.

And now the main attraction, what everyone had been waiting for. After standing still, surrounded by hundreds of strangers for a good half an hour just to ensure a good spot, the moment that everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. The lights dimmed down, the crowd roared, and the slow clap of the Arctic Monkeys’ 2013 smash Do I Wanna Know begins to play. Art of Sleeping walks out just as the well-known guitar riff is belted out. From the very get-go, the atmosphere was set to incredible level, with this mostly being accredited to the venue itself, Woolly Mammoth.

From there, the band dived into an incredibly cool, smooth and sensual set. Belting out songs from both their 2012 EP ‘Like A Thief’ and this year’s debut album ‘Shake Shiver’, the Brisbane five-piece seductively lured the crowd in to their vision. At this point, I should probably mention that I actually don’t know all that many Art of Sleeping songs, apart from the ones that have been released as singles since last year’s Crazy, so I was experiencing most of these tunes from a fresh set of ears.

I can now confirm, that since the show last night, I have in fact listened to the whole of ‘Shake Shiver’, so hopefully I know a lot more songs by the next time I see them perform, which is a DEFINITE as I will go out of my way to be there at the next show.
Every beat of the drum, every pluck of the guitar and every note hit right on point by lead vocalist Caleb just hit you like a steam train. Again, credit here is also due to Woolly Mammoth’s sound system making it a powerful experience.
The band enjoyed belting out crowd favourites such as Bleeding Out, Voodoo, Crazy and even slotting in their recent Like-A-Version cover of Drake’s meme-famed song Hotline Bling.

Literally seconds after the band finished their finale song Crazy, before they’d even managed to step off the stage, the crowd begun chanting for an encore. After about two minutes of continued chanting, the band came back out (shock), this time including The Jensens’ vocalist Joe. Together, they performed a cover of Frank Ocean’s 2012 mega hit Lost. This made me absolutely melt, being one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists of all time, with everyone singing along. It was the nail in the coffin that took this show from a band that I previously had not given as much time as I should have, into being one of my favourite live shows of 2015.

Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing all three of these acts, to anyone, regardless if you are a fan or not.

Upcoming shows for these acts:

Ivey – You can catch these guys supporting The Belligerents tonight (Sat, 5th of Dec) at The Foundry. Get your tickets here.
The Jensens – At last night’s show it was announced that this would be the final 2015 show for The Jensens, but keep an eye out for them early next year.
Art of Sleeping – Next time you can catch Art of Sleeping will be in February 2016 while they support Aussie favourites Boy & Bear on their national tour. Get your tickets here.

For more info on upcoming shows in your nearest capital city, head on over to Nine Lexham’s very own Gig Guide.

Review written by Jakob.

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