Watch; Violent Soho Disturb The Peace at a Lawn Bowls Club for ‘Like Soda’ Video

By now, these legends from the 4122 (South Brisbane suburb Mansfield) need no introduction. They’ve become one of the finest rock outfits Australia has to offer, appealing to heaps of different audiences in the one hit. From the young teenager just starting to seek out music from the non-spoonfed mainstream media for the first time, all the way to the 50-something year old regular at the local pokies, Violent Soho just oozes cool to everyone, with the dirty riffs, upbeat, catchy melodies and overall just such a nice, down-to-earth outlook which makes them all the more loveable, a feat that many bands struggle to achieve. Most of all though, they have so much respect and credibility, that pretty much everything they put out will be welcomed with open arms.

Since forming way back in 2004, the Brisbane 4-piece have dropped an EP and three studio albums. The last, Hungry Ghost was released in 2013 through legendary Aus label I Oh You (DZ Deathrays, City Calm Down, Green Buzzard etc.), and was definitely the one that shot them up into national, and to an extent, international stardom.

Since this breakthrough, fans have been eagerly awaiting for the last two years for the follow up, and on October 8th, 2015, Like Soda was unleashed into the world. Automatically being put on high rotation on national youth broadcaster triple j, Like Soda tells the story of someone coming to terms with the highs and lows of life in general, and accepting the fact that going to the pokies, drinking warm beer and being surrounded by mates is enough to make one overlook all the negatives in life by saying “I don’t mind, I don’t care, I just say whatever”.

Today, the band have released the music video for Like Soda. The video includes Soho as both their current AND as older selves, terrorizing other old folks, playing lawn bowls with the use of hands-free segways and even featuring a surprise cameo of John McKeering, lead guitarist from another fellow legendary Aussie rock outfit Cosmic Psychos as a bar tender, who then preceeds to shred a riff for a very surprised-looking Luke Henery.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.28.14 pm
McKeering shredding from behind the bar. Image courtesy of I Oh You / Youtube

With the release of this, we can only look forward to what else is to come from these heroes in 2016.
Watch the video for Violent Soho’s Like Soda here.


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