Grrl Pal – Caught by the Light

Perth duo Grrl Pal have went gone and released a newie called ‘Caught by the Light’ into the world via their soundcloud. The band has attempted to put out a song a month, and this was meant to be released in November, but it’s still very welcomed nonetheless!

There’s a lot of hype going about Grrl Pal at the moment, and they’re one of those bands that I’ve really been meaning to give the time of day, but just haven’t gotten around to. The release of ‘Caught by the Light’, gave me the first chance to have a proper listen to ’em. I gotta tell you, I think I’ve been missing out a butt-load, and feel extremely late to the party.

If you’re in Perth, you can catch Grrl Pal play at Disconnect Festival tomorrow (Friday, 11th of Dec) at 4pm on the Secret Garden stage.

Listen to ‘Caught by the Light’ here.

  • Jakob

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