Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis

Dead Letter Circus are a five piece alt rock band from Brisbane. The first we heard them was through the release of their debut, self-titled EP back in 2004.

Since then, Dead Letter Circus experienced great success, and recently released their third studio album Aesthesis back in August, and our contributor Brooke, upon request, wanted to share the love for it. 

Dead Letter Circus has  become somewhat of a dominating force within the Aus punk/ rock scene. All three of their albums have been successful on both commercial and alternative radio, each peaking at number two on the ARIA album charts AND being accredited triple j feature albums (with This is the Warning even landing a spot in triple j’s Hottest 100 albums of all time back in 2011).
They’ve played sold out shows all across the country and have recently being announced to play the country’s favourite touring hard rock festival Soundwave.

The band has a knack for writing epic, high energy songs. Throughout Aesthesis, we see a bit of a change in direction for the band, being that the album is a lot more radio friendly, and has a “poppier” groove compared to their previous work.
With this being said, they don’t stray too far from their trademark, gritty roots. It definitely broadens their potential fanbase, appealing to both the die-hard fans as well as people listening for the first time.

Dead Letter Circus, among many other Aussie alternative bands seem to have become the soundtrack to my daily being, whether it be as an escape, some driving music, thinking music or simply, just because music.

Aesthesis was released in August 2015, through well-known rock music label UNFD. The album puts a much bigger emphasis on acoustic guitar compared to previous albums, in which we begin to delve into a new world of DLC sound and (up ’til now, unknown) versatility. Although still managing to retain their melodic, atmospheric, reverb ridden guitars, sound manipulation and of course the signature sound of front man, Kim Benzie’s vocal awesomeness.

With stand out songs such as “In Plain Sight” and “The Lie We Live” beginning with softer, acoustic guitar sounds, then developing into exciting the senses with a punchier vibe and even punchier drums. These were pre-recorded before the album was even written, utilising Superior Drummer by Toontrack (for all you audio/production geeks), and the greatness of producer/engineer Forrester Savell to create their unique DLC sound.

According to an interview with members, Luke Williams and Stewart Hill, this album was written quite differently than the previous albums, with the guys heading into the studio stating that they had all of the songs ready to record, when in fact they had but one written, and essentially jammed it out to create the latter.

You can become entangled by the dramatic and freeing sound of this album, leaving the real emotion, up to the listener to create, to send us on our own individual journey through the feeling behind the sounds. I strongly recommended listening to this album at night, or in a quiet place through headphones, to send us on our own individual journey through the feeling behind the sounds.

You can catch Dead Letter Circus at one of their many upcoming shows;

Dec 11 @ Chelsea Heights Hotel. Chelsea Heights, Australia
Dec 12 @ Village Green Hotel. Mulvrage Vic, Australia

Jan 23 @ Soundwave Brisbane. QLD Australia
Jan 24 @ Soundwave Sydney, NSW Australi
Jan 26 @ Soundwave Melbourne VIC Australia

Tickets here.

For more info on upcoming shows, head to Nine Lexham’s very own Gig Guide

Rating: 7/10

Artist: Dead Letter Circus
Album: Aesthesis
Label: UNFD
Genre: Rock
Highlights: In Plain Sight, The Lie We Live
Lowlights: None

This review was written by Brooke & edited by Jakob.


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