Album Review: Astropol – The Spin We’re In

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It has been four years in the making but well worth the wait. Out of this world Swedish astropop trio Astropol have released their 10 track debut album The Spin We’re In one day ahead of the predicted December 4th release date.

After concurring the music industry on extremely successful individual projects – Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, Shout out Louds vocalist Bebban Stenborg and producer extraordinaire SMASH have teamed up to make one hell of an album.

From what can be described as indie pop, Astropol combine crisp electronic beats with hazy hooks and gripping lyrics. Stenborg’s hauntingly beautiful vocal tone is the standout of the album, setting the scene for themes of heartbreak and romance.

The opening track of the album “Make Love Stay” begins with a retro 90s electronic beat followed by Stenborg delivering raw emotion from every word. The catchy chorus “You can make love leave, but you can’t make love stay” propels the song into a realistic dimension. With any heart broken soul picturing themselves sitting by a fireplace with a nice bottle of wine listening to the powerful lyrics. Continuing on from “Make love stay”, the second track “ Just Before Our Love Got Lost” provides a slightly up beat tempo with the introduction of the keyboard. The track shows slow emotional progression in the storytelling from the previous song with lyrics acknowledging the romance and what went wrong before the heartbreak experienced in the first song.

Each song on the album is a representation of the trio’s talent both together and individually with each member contributing to the creation and sound of the album. On every track Yttling brings a dynamic arrangement to match the music to the songs strong lyrics. An example of this beautiful harmony is displayed in the fifth track “There Used to be Birds”. A more sombre mood is delivered by Stenborg as she sings the opening lines “I wrote a note for when you came back in the evening / I tried to pin it to your back when you were leaving”. The listener is immediately hit with a wave of emotions but it is the soothing angelic vocals reassuring you it will all be okay.

Bouncing from depressed break up anthems to hopeful romantic tunes, the notable ‘happier’ sounding songs on the record include “Little Cloud” and “The Sound of a Heart That Breaks”. The albums first released single “The Sound of a Heart That Breaks” provides a refreshing pop induced melody to dance to, encouraging the audience to put down their tissues and remember today may be bad but tomorrow is a brand new day. To finalise the album, Astropol produce an empowering come-full-circle acceptance of falling in love and then falling out of love with the song “Rain Down on You”.

It is unknown whether the trio will continue making music for Astropol or leave it for the history books. Be it or not, this beautifully constructed piece of music will definitely hold its own with or without a second record to follow.

Rating: 7.5/10

Artist: Astropol
Album: The Spin We’re In
Label: Ingrid
Genre: Indie pop
Moments of standout: Bebban Stenborgs vocals and emotive lyrics

This review was written by Caitlin.

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