New Music: S.J. Smith – Caravan

12371154_726079634160417_194293426534229039_oMelbourne indie-rock local Stephen Jonathan Smith, or S.J. Smith as he’s better known; has released a new single called ‘Caravan’ juste recently. The song sees Smith at his lyrical best, telling the story of a man who longs to be free from his day-to-day job, and wouldn’t mind trading in that lifestyle for instead living in a caravan and waking up by the ocean every day.

Structurally the music to Caravan is very pleasing as well. With the use of electric guitars playing those high-end twangy chords that really produce an ‘indie’ sound, similar to that of Brissy band Major Leagues. But yeah, this is the first we’ve heard from S.J. in almost a year (apart from a demo uploaded to his soundcloud just over a month ago), so it’s pretty awesome to know he’s still got it.

‘Caravan’ is now available on iTunes,  Spotify & Soundcloud.

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