New Music: Eastghost – A Light At The End

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.37.28 pm.pngThe first I’d first come across Portland producer Eastghost was through his recent collaboration with UV Boi for the song If She, If He. Today, Eastghost has put out a collection of 5 new tracks onto his soundcloud, and titled the collection ‘A Light at the End’. 

Almost every song on the 5-song list is instrumental, each showcasing a very different style from the last. Soft Spirit opens up the playlist with a heavier emphasis on finger-plucked guitar sounds and falsetto humming.
Waking Up Together focusses on a deep piano-driven prod, Ache takes on a more jazz, elevator type of approach. My personal favourite on the collection is called Comme ci Comme ça, which takes us through a journey via acoustic guitar, some neat drum pads & higher notes of a piano.

The last song is the most compatible to what we’ve all heard in If She, If Heso if you’re a fan of that particular song, then this last song titled Old Day is what I’d direct you to. Smooth as, liquidy sounding prod alongside Eastghost’s distinct voice make this song really enjoyable.

Overall, A Light at the End shows Eastghost’s versatility and gives us a bit more of a glimpse at what he can do. Definitely keep him on your radar for up-and-coming producers for 2016.

Listen to A Light at the End here:

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