Here’s a list of almost every Aussie Album & EP set for release this year

We can all agree that 2015 was a massively successful year for Australian music. Courtney Barnett & Tame Impala led the charge overseas, Aussie legends like San Cisco & The Rubens dominated the airwaves and up-and-comers like Tired Lion, WAAX and Boo Seeka solidified that the future is bright.
Wouldn’t it be cool though, to actually have a bit of an idea of what is to come in the new year? Perhaps, a guide to all EP’s & albums set to be released by Aussie artists in 2016? Well, wish granted, babies! As triple j’s Home & Hosed blog reports, 2016 looks like it’s shaping up to be yet another damn fantastic year for Australian music.

Read the full list of expected releases for 2016 below
Artist —-> Release Title ——> (Record Label)


Bootleg Rascal – Asleep In The Machine (Sureshaker)
Catherine Traicos – Brave The Good Dark (Independent)
Fascinator – Man (Spinning Top)
Flowertruck – Dirt EP (Spunk)
Good Morning – Glory EP (Solitaire)
Grimmer – Boy (Independent)
Horror My Friend – Stay In, Do Nothing (Poison City)
Lastlings – Unreality EP (Yozlyn)
Lazertits – Aubergine Dreams EP (Independent)
The Parking Lot Experiments – Beginners LP (Gaga Digi)
Polaris – The Guilt and the Grief (Independent)
RUFUS – Bloom (Sweat It Out)
Sia – This Is Acting (Inertia)
Spit Syndicate – Best Intentions: Part Two EP (Independent)
You Beauty – Illywhacka (Bedroom Suck/Rice Is Nice)



Andy Strachan – Follow The Sun EP (Independent)
Ariela Jacobs – Yesteryear EP (Gaga Digi)
Back Back Forward Punch – Tragic Lover EP (Independent)
Big Bad Echo – Big Bad Echo EP (Independent)
DMA’S – Hills End (IOHYOU)
Ducks! – Ding Ding Ding (Independent)
Fairchild – Breathless EP (Canvas Sounds)
Family Jordan – Holy Smokes (Independent)
Georgi Kay – Origins EP (Monoki)
Gideon Bensen – Cold Cold Heart EP (Original Matters/Universal)
Godwolf – On Repeat EP (etcetc)
Gunns – She’s A Rainbow EP (Spinning Top)
Hands Like Houses – Dissonants (UNFD)
High Highs – Cascades (Spunk)
Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From the Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung (Golden Era/Universal)
The Jezabels – Synthia (MGM)
Josef Salvat – Night Swim (Liberation)
Krista Polvere – Devil In Me EP (MGM)
Lanu – The Double Sunrise (Pacific Theatre/Inertia)
Leisure Suite – Lay Low (Deaf Ambitions)
Lucola Bang – What Of It EP (Independent)
Mangelwurzel – Gary (Independent)
Mia Dyson – Right There (MGM)
Mike Elrington – Two Lucky Stars (Independent)
Naked – Pink Quartz (Tenth Court)
Nathan Hawes – I Wasn’t There EP (Island)
Nicole Millar – Tremble EP (EMI)
No Body Died – The Nihilist & The Pretender (Independent)
NO ZU – Afterlife (Chapter)
Polarheart – TBA EP (Marshmallow Pavement)
Riley Pearce – Outside The Lines EP (MGM)
Samuel Dobson – Samuel (Independent)
Ted Danson With Wolves – Don’t Tell Me What’s Wrong With You, Because I Will Find Out And Tell You. It Will Make Sense To You And Work EP (Independent)
Tigertown – Lonely Cities EP (Inertia)
Tre Samuels – TBA EP (Creamy Spies)
Us The Band – But Where Do They Go EP (Rice Is Nice)
Various Artists – Good For You:Milk! Records Compilation (Milk!)
Venus II – TBA (Warner)
Wabz – Sleep Less (Solitaire)
Yeo – Ganbaru (Sabremetric)

Amateur Dance – TBA (October)
AMISTAT – Parley (MGM)
Arthur Wimble – Hearts EP (TEEF)
Asdasfr Bawd – Underpass EP (Solitaire)
Beatrice – Move Toward the Mountain EP (Creamy Spies)
Ben Abraham – Sirens (Inertia)
Benji Lewis – Hearts & Halos EP (Independent)
The Bennies – Wisdom Machine (Poison City)
Big White – Teenage Dreams (Caroline/Universal)
Bugs – Growing Up (Independent)
The Cat Empire – Rising With The Sun (Two Shoes)
cln – TBA EP (TBA)
Colibrium – In Balance (Independent)
Columbia Buffet – How To Survive An Atomic Bomb (Independent)
Cub Sport – This Is Our Vice (MGM)
Dannika – Peaches For Bouncey (Solitaire)
The Drones – Feelin Kinda Free (Tropical Fuckstorm/MGM)
Elizabeth Rose – Intra (Midnight Feature/Inertia)
Free Time – In Search of Free Time (Bedroom Suck)
Gabriella Cohen – Full Closure And No Details (Independent)
Golden Vessel – TBA EP (TBA)
The Goon Sax – Up To Anything (Chapter)
The Grand Magoozi – The Grand Magoozi (Little Lake)
Hein Cooper – The Art Of Escape (Indica/MGM)
Henry Wagons – After What I Did Last Night… (ABC/Universal)
Hoodlem – Hoodlem EP (Caroline)
I’lls – TBA EP (Solitaire)
Ivan Ooze – ’93 KFC Rotisserie Mixtape (Independent)
The Jensens – TBA (Independent)
Kim Salmon – My Script (Independent)
Klue – Daybreak EP (etcetc)
Koi Child – Koi Child (Pilerats/Warner)
LOLO BX – TBA EP (Sweat It Out)
Major Leagues – Dream States EP (Popfrenzy)
Mangus – TBA (Independent)
Matt Corby – Telluric (Island/Universal)
MOSE + The FMLY – Slow Drip EP (Independent)
Motez – TBA EP (Sweat It Out)
Paces – Vacation (etcetc)
Ribongia – Escapisms EP (October)
Ryan Downey – Me & Her (Gaga Digi)
Silentjay + Jace XL – Sacrifice EP (Rhythm Section International)
SMILE – Rhythm Method (Smooch)
Super Magic Hats – TBA (Hush Hush)
Twin Haus – TBA (Bedlam)
Violent Soho – TBA (IOHYOU)
Wax Witches – Memory Painting (Burger)
White Summer – I Know A Place We Can Love EP (Independent)
Whitefall – Origins EP (Independent)
Yates – Virtue EP (Sweat It Out)



BUOY – TBA (October)
Camp Cope – Camp Cope (Poison City)
Clairy Browne – Pool (Caroline)
Colin Lillie – TBA (Independent)
Colourwaves – TBA EP (Independent)
The Completely Boys – TBA (October)
Deep Heat – Still Life (Poison City)
Emma Louise – TBA (Liberation)
Good Boy – TBA EP (Independent)
Just A Gent – TBA EP (Island)
Loose Tooth – Saturn Returns EP (Milk!)
LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Bad Faith (Good Manners)
The Lulu Raes – TBA (TBA)
Mickey Kojak – Alone EP (Sweat It Out)
M.E. Baird – Fall (Independent)
Midnight Pool Party – TBA EP (TBA)
Ocdantar – Time In Flux EP (Smooch)
Project Montreal – TBA (Independent)
ROI – TBA (Independent)
Sean McMahon & The MoonMen – Shiner (Independent/MGM)
Steve Lane – TBA (Independent)
Summer Flake – TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Terrible Truths – TBA (Bedroom Suck)
Tourist Dollars – Tourist Dollars (Deaf Ambitions)
Until Home – TBA EP (Independent)
Why We Run – Hologram (Double Drummer)
Zone Out – TBA (Deaf Ambitions)



Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird – Melbourne Bitter (Independent)
The Disappointed – Disappear EP (Blue Grey Pink)
Em George – TBA EP (Marshmallow Pavement)
Fear Like Us – TBA (Poison City)
The Floyd Family Breakdown – Country Perk EP (Independent)
GL – Touch (Plastic World/Midnight Feature)
Hey Geronimo – TBA (Chugg Music)
Hoodlum Shouts – TBA (Poison City)
Liahona – TBA EP (Smooch)
Luca Brasi – TBA (Poison City)
Lunatics On Pogosticks – TBA (MGM)
Magic Bones – TBA (Marshmallow Pavement)
Milan – TBA EP (Creamy Spies)
Moonbase Commander – Orthodox EP (October)
Mouthtooth – Group Therapy/Memory Foam EP (Smooch)
Nearly Oratorio – Tin (Solitaire)
Neighbourhood Youth – Neighbourhood Youth EP (Independent)
Nicholas Allbrook – TBA (Spinning Top)
Spookyland – Beauty Already Beautiful (Inertia)
Tanzer – Four Love Songs By Tanzer (Independent)
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate – Shackles EP (Beats Cartel)
Totally Unicorn – TBA (Farmer & The Owl)
What So Not – TBA EP (Sweat It Out)
Woodes – TBA EP (Independent)

Ben Wright Smith – The Great Divorce (Ronnie/MGM)
Cameron Avery – TBA (Spinning Top)
Cool Sounds – Dance Moves (Deaf Ambitions)
Dune Rats – TBA EP (Ratbag/Warner)
Fountaineer – Greater City, Greater Love (Independent)
Good Morning – TBA (Solitaire)
Hockey Dad – TBA (Farmer & The Owl/Kanine)
Sangkhara – TBA (Solitaire)
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – TBA (Nedroom Suck)
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife – Thieves (SlipRail)



Arpier – Ordinary Life (Nine Lexham)
Bliss N Eso – TBA (Illusive)
The Gooch Palms – Introverted Extroverts (Summer Camp)
Harts – TBA (Marshmallow Pavement)
Katy Steele – TBA (Independent)
Luke Million – TBA EP (etcetc)
Rabbit Island – TBA (Spinning Top)
Rainbow Chan – Spacings (Silo Arts)
The Tambourine Girls – TBA (Chugg Music)
Totally Mild – TBA (Bedroom Suck)
Twin Fires – This Time I’m Fine EP (Independent)
Verge Collection – TBA EP (TBA)



The Amity Affliction – TBA (Roadrunner/Warner)
Ela Stiles – TBA (Bedroom Suck)
Felix Riebl – TBA (TBA)
Le Pie – Sad Girl Theory EP (Independent)
The Pinheads – TBA (Farmer & The Owl)
Puck – TBA EP (TBA)
The Royal Artillery – Inky Pen (Beats Cartel)



Crepes – TBA (Deaf Ambitions)
Osaka Punch – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Tiny Little Houses – TBA (Ivy League)



Crooked Colours – TBA (Sweat It Out)
Good Boy – TBA EP (Independent)
The Love Junkies – TBA (TBA)
Offspring Of Convicts – TBA EP (Independent/Melodic)
Sydonia – TBA (Pricewar Music)



Tees – TBA (Farmer & The Owl)



Ainslie Wills – TBA (Independent)
Ali Barter – TBA (Ronnie)
All Our Exes Live In Texas – TBA (Independent)
Anna O – TBA EP (Lemon Tree)
Anatole – TBA (TEEF)
Average Rap Band – TBA (TBA)
Babaganouj – TBA (TBA)
Bag Raiders – TBA (Modular/Universal)
Beaches – TBA (Chapter)
Big Scary – TBA (Pieater/Inertia)
Bloods – TBA (Tiny Galaxy)
Bob Evans – TBA (EMI)
Bree Tranter – Another Night On Earth (Gaga Digi)
Canary – TBA (TBA)
Closure In Moscow – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Cloud Control – TBA (Ivy League)
Darling James – TBA EP (Independent)
Deep Sea Arcade – TBA (TBA)
Drapht – TBA (The Ayems/Sony)
Dream Rinney – TBA (TBA)
Dro Carey – TBA (Soothsayer)
DZ Deathrays – TBA (IOHYOU)
E^ST – TBA (Warner)
Ezekiel Ox – TBA (TBA)
Fait – TBA (Inertia)
Fishing – TBA (Independent)
Flume – Skin (Future Classic)
FOAM – TBA (Independent)
Foreign/National – TBA (Independent)
The Funkoars – In Case Of Emergency (Golden Era)
Gang Of Youths – TBA EP (Mosy/Sony)
Girl York – TBA EP (Blue Grey Pink)
Giselle – TBA (TBA)
Golden Features – TBA (Warner)
Green Buzzard – TBA EP (IOHYOU)
Grenadiers – TBA (Independent)
The Griswolds – TBA (Chugg Music)
Grun – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Gypsy & The Cat – TBA (TBA)
Haarlo – TBA EP (Independent)
hazards of swimming naked – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Hideous Sun Demon – TBA (Independent)
HOWQUA – TBA EP (Independent)
Illy – TBA (ONETWO/Warner)
Imogen Clarke – TBA (Lost Highway/Universal)
Jack Stirling – TBA EP (Lemon Tree)
Japanese Wallpaper – TBA (TBA)
Jayteehazard – TBA EP (Elefant Traks)
Jinja Safari – TBA (Independent)
The John Steel Singers – Midnight At The Plutonium (Plutonium/Create Control)
Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let The Kids Win (TBA)
Just A Gent – TBA EP (Island/Universal)
Kim Churchill – TBA (Warner)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity (Flightless/Remote Control)
The Kite String Tangle – TBA (Warner)
Kllo – TBA EP (Good Manners)
Late Night Hysterics – TBA EP (Blue Grey Pink)
The Laurels – TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Lisa Mitchell – TBA (Warner)
Olympia – TBA (EMI)
M-Phazes – TBA (It’s Official/Warner)
Manor – Manor EP (Gaga Digi)
Marcus Whale – TBA (Good Manners)
Meg Mac – TBA (TBA)
Meniscus – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Mezko – TBA (TBA)
McCarthy – TBA EP (Independent/Melodic)
Mid Ayr – TBA EP (Independent)
Mish – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Montaigne – TBA (Wonderlick/Sony)
MOVEMENT – TBA (Modular/Universal)
The Murlocs – TBA (Flightless/Remote Control)
Near Myth – TBA (Independent)
Odlaw – Regret City (Blue Grey Pink)
OK Badlands – TBA (Independent)
Patient Little Sister – TBA EP (TBA)
Paul Dempsey – TBA (EMI)
Peter Bibby – TBA (Spinning Top)
Philadelphia Grand Jury – TBA (Normal People Making Hits)
Planete – TBA EP (Good Manners)
Pretty City – Colorized (Gaga Digi)
Purpose – Make Yourself At Home (Number 83)
Rat & Co – TBA (Smooch)
Redspencer – TBA (Deaf Ambitions)
Remi – Divas & Demons (House Of Beige)
Richard Cuthbert – TBA (Broken Stone/Remote Control)
Robbie Miller – TBA EP (Independent)
Roland Tings – TBA EP (Soothsayer)
SAFIA – TBA (Warner)
Sarah Mary Chadwick – TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Shining Bird – TBA (Spunk)
Slimey Things – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Spirit Faces – TBA (TEEF)
The Stevens – TBA (Chapter)
Sticky Fingers – TBA (Sureshaker)
Stillwater Giants – Munich (Independent)
Stonefield – TBA (Illusive)
Storm The Sky – TBA (UNFD)
Straight Arrows – TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Tash Sultana – TBA EP (Independent)
The Temper Trap – TBA (Liberation)
Thelma Plum – TBA (Warner)
Tiger Choir – Grey Gold (Independent)
Tkay Maidza – TBA (Dew Process)
Toehider – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
Troldhaugen – TBA (Bird’s Robe)
The Trouble With Templeton – TBA (Bella Union/MGM)
Twelve Foot Ninja – TBA (Independent)
Urthboy – TBA (Elefant Traks)
Vera Blue – TBA EP (Island/Universal)
We Set Sail – TBA (Independent)
White Gums – TBA (TBA)
Yuma X – TBA (TBA)

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