Whiplash Debut Their Live Set @ The Foundry

And so it was, Whiplash was born into the universe.Thursday, the 6th of July 2017 saw a stacked lineup of live music for Brisbane music hub The Foundry. Local legends Port Royal absolutely slayed their headlining set, Therapist wowed the crowd with their impressive prog-rock sounds and Sydney-siders Breizers blew everyone away and converted a whole venue’s worth of people into new fans.

But amongst these stellar acts, it was a very special night for one in particular. That is, the openers of the evening, Whiplash, for which the show was their first ever professionally. Compiled by local boys Jacob Ryan, Mundie Bria, Eoghan Leonard, Michael Tunny Joao Pedro Gonçalves.

The exciting five-piece came out on stage for the first time ever with confidence that would’ve convinced anyone that they’d been playing for years. A majorly funk-infused rock journey saw some ridiculous guitar solos, crazy dancing and even lead vocalist Jacob jumping into the crowd to make the party a truly 4-dimensional experience.

Overall, the guys executed an extremely well-rehearsed show with the poise, confidence  and overall coolness that any band would aspire to have, let alone for their first ever show! I’d like to wrap this up with a quote from Rachit Moti from fellow local outfit The Dollar Bill Murrays, whom was next to me in the crowd of Wiplash. He said:

Dude, these guys are tight as heck. – Rachit, The Dollar Bill Murrays.


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