Candy is the project of Callum Newton, who you might also know as the frontman for Melbourne thrash punks Lunatics on Pogosticks.

Candy’s debut single Apartment in the City was released in March, and boasts elements of shoegazey, dolewave dream-pop. It offsets a warm feeling of being at home and comfortable with your surroundings, it’s a track to soundtrack every lazy ass Sunday you have while chillin’, drinkin’ and overall having a real fun time with pals.

The track also sees Candy’s first official music video, a warm, nostalgic, camcorder-shot capsule of a day in Melbourne.

Of the DIY video, Candy says, “This video clip was meant to be a really easy, fun, little project on my family camera. It’s been around since I was 8 or something so obviously it’s a pretty dated handy cam and it ended up being a real arduous struggle to get this footage off of it.

“The amount of adapters and stuff I bought throughout the last month and a half is ridiculous but fortunately a friend, Mia, helped get it in the digital realm so there was no way I was gonna can the clip after the amount of time spent on it.”


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