Online Media Release: Amela – ‘My God’ (ft. Bad Pony)

Amela is the solo project of Gold Coast-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Amela Duheric. With two EP’s already under her belt, Amela has now fully embraced the transition from her acoustic/ folk roots, into a sharper, more polished pop-driven sound. This transition is highlighted via her recent collaboration with North Queensland producer Clovr on the track ‘Cold’, which has received extensive radio love on triple j.

Working as a professional music teacher by day, Amela has spent the last few months pouring her excelled knowledge of songwriting and production into this new-found passion of pop-driven sound. In doing so, has given us one of the most powerful break-up songs of the year alongside Sydney indie rock quintet, Bad Pony. The result will have listeners in awe, only able to say the song’s title: ‘My God’.

Of her recent shift in genres, Amela states: “I feel like pop music has always been my true love. I’ve been really loving candy pop radio songs this year and also pure house electronic music so I’m interested in incorporating these elements in my songwriting”.

The track kicks off with an intricate mix of uncertain emotion alongside a steady, lightly played guitar riff. This opening sees Amela at her most vulnerable, questioning several aspects regarding the relationship at hand. The biggest obstacle she faces comes through an attempt to avoid hurting the other person, whilst simultaneously being realistic and realising that it’s just not working out. This is highlighted in the opening verse;

“So afraid to lose you, I don’t want to leave you in the dark
Couldn’t stand to hurt you, but I never really needed anyone”.

The song then elevates into a powerfully catchy chant that provides a huge empowering push to the song’s protagonist to take control of the situation, whilst ingeniously still being wrapped up in a mix of negative emotions and sounds from the opening verse. The song continues with Jarred, lead vocalist of Bad Pony providing a response to Amela’s parts, which allows the song to flow as a beautifully crafted, uncomfortable conversation.

The collaboration happened entirely out of chance, with the two acts having known of each other through having the same publisher. While Amela was in Sydney, Amela & Bad Pony decided to have a jam together, which unexpectedly eventuated into a completely written, recorded & mixed song within the space of 3 – 4 hours.



Artist: Amela ft. Bad Pony
Title: My God
Label: Independent
Format: Digital
Release: Friday 18th August 2017

11 & 13 – Townsville Cultural Festival
18 – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City
24 – Barbera (w/ Baskervillain)

15 – Brisbane Festival, South Bank
23 – Timberfest, Mackay (w/ Clovr)