Online Media Release: VIDEO: post-dusk – PDFC

Post-Dusk is the moniker for Brisbane based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ruby Smith. After the release of her lush and hazy debut single, PDFC, post-dusk delivers a film clip every bit as dreamy as the song.

PDFC, which was written, performed, produced, and mixed entirely by Smith herself, has been well received by community radio stations, added to rotation on Triple J Unearthed radio, and played on Double J’s ‘Something More’.

Half way through completing a thesis for her honours degree in psychology, Smith teamed up with Pernell Marsden as director and Samudranil Chatterjee as Director of Photography to create the mystical accompanying visuals for her debut song. Filmed in Brisbane’s heritage listed Spring Hill Reservoirs, Post-Dusk creates a magical escape from reality to get lost in.

The video itself moulds perfectly with the mood of PDFC. Candles align the dark, hallowed rooms between rows of stone archways, gold glitter rains in slow motion, whilst post-dusk sings, spins and commands attention from the viewer.

Brisbane producer/ instrumentalist/ vocalist   post-dusk eloquently floated onto the scene in April, via her debut single PDFC.
Having started writing songs in primary school, producing at 12 and learning the guitar and piano at 14, the multi-instrumentalist composes, plays, produces and sings on the track, which has received airplay on national youth broadcaster triple j alongside countless community stations across the country.

The song itself delves into the effort and emotions attached to moving house. In her own words; “it’s the process of really getting to know a place and how much it becomes your entire reality for that period of time. The song is really about appreciating something nice in the same way you would a sunset, and the importance of that time just after something really nice wraps up.

Photo credit: Danny McShane


 “A goose bump-inducing song that sounds like a cross between Enya and Sigur Ros, but way cooler” – Howl & Echoes

Heard this last night and couldn’t wait to hear it again. I really love the production on this track. Those big, reverberating drums fit so perfectly with the shimmering synths.” – Dan Condon, Triple J

“With each new listen of this song, I’m grabbed by something new – the echoing guitars, haunting vocals, layered harmonies, the perfectly crafted ebb and flow of the synths. It’s all magical, and better yet, it’s all created by the talented multi-instrumentalist and producer that is post-dusk” – The Sunday Washup.


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