Lava Nova

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.36.14 pmThis Aussie songwriting/producing team has wasted no time since their formation in early 2016. Their debut mix tape ‘1:1’ offered a pleasingly diverse palette of sounds- ranging from high octane dance beats to smoother, spacey R&B. The first track off the record, The Other Side, found its way into the screen, joining the soundtrack to the independent feature Thicker Than Water (starring Pete Murray in his acting debut).

Lava Nova’s latest offering Darkcloud takes the band a half-step back from the energetic sound of 1:1; letting etherial guitar work sit on a tidy, understated beat before leaping into its synth-infused chorus. Mix that with Amela Duheric’s soaring, otherworldly vocals and you have a cinematic sensory treat that is sure to delight fans of James Blake, Beach House, and Purity Ring. Fans of the single should keep an eye out.